The Waardi Limited Steering Committee is seeking two (2) Community Directors to join the Board of Waardi Limited.  Information about Waardi can be found at www.waardi.com.au

If you are interested, then you need to:

  • Be a Waardi Member; and
  • Not be a Director of Guumbarr Limited

Applicants are eligible for appointment if they substantially satisfy the following criteria:

  • Board Experience
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership Experience
  • Absence of Conflicting Commitments
  • Reputation and Integrity

And are able to provide an acceptable National Police Clearance Certificate.

Interested applicants can contact the General Manager, Josepha Howard at the Waardi office for further information, or speak to a Waardi Director to find out more about the role and the work that Waardi is doing.

This application kit, including selection criteria and job description is available by clicking the link below, from the Waardi office, or by calling (08) 9192 2713, or generalmanager@waardi.com.au

CLOSING DATE: 4.30pm Wednesday 23 December 2020



Page Last Updated on 02/05/2022