AGM 2022 Outcomes

Letter to members

A message from the Chair of Waardi Limited to all members.

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You can contact the Waardi Office or GAC to apply for membership.

Updates to Governance Restructure December 2022

In June 2019 the Jabirr Jabirr / Ngumbarl People endorsed a new corporate structure for Waardi Limited (“Waardi”), Guumbarr Limited (“Guumbarr”) and Gogolanyangor Aboriginal Corporation (“GAC”).
This is an update on the progress made so far including the outcomes from Waardi’s SGM held on 30th November 2022 and asks for you to give your feedback on the structure that looks after your native title rights, interests, and benefits.

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Response to GAC SGM 16th December 2022

Information for the Jabirr Jabirr / Ngumbarl People – Correction of information given at GAC’s Special General Meeting held on 30 November 2022.

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