Guumbarr Logo

The Guumbarr logo features a pair of hands holding a rock. “Guumbarr” is a Jabirr Jabirr word for a stone, rock or pebble which were items or things used as currency to trade with other groups or each other. It is now commonly used by people to refer to money.

Guumbarr is in effect holding money for the benefit of the GJJ People as in real life and as shown in the logo.

The logo was designed by Michael ‘Jalaru’ Torres, a member of the GJJ community. Jalaru also designed the Waardi and Morrgul logos.

Guumbarr Logo

Mary Tarran who provided us with the draft design, explains:

“The word Guumbarr in the Jabirr Jabirr language means ‘stone, rock or pebble’.

The logo is colourfully striking and consistent with the Waardi logo.

The Elders were consulted about the design to make sure it was appropriate. We are fortunate to have their approval and they are part of the Waardi legacy.

I also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Jalaru for his creation and artwork for the Guumbarr logo.”

Mary Tarran

Page Last Updated on 18/04/2022