Land Trust

The Land Trust was set up on 22 July 2014 as a charitable trust. The Land Trust holds any land or housing assets for the Waardi group of entities.

The Agreement sets out the WA State Government land and housing related benefits:
Stage 1: 10 vacant lots and 3 house and land packages in Broome North;
Stage 2: 10 vacant lots and 3 house and land packages in Broome North; and
Stage 3: 5 vacant lots in Broome North and 15 hectares of developable land (englobo land) in Broome North.

In 2015 Guumbarr was able to get the State to transfer all the 21 titles to the Land Trust via LandCorp. The Land Trust then sold 18 vacant lots back to LandCorp in late 2015, allowing Guumbarr to self fund the construction of 5 houses on the remaining vacant lots.

As of December 2016, the Land Trust has 7 fully constructed houses for rent, with 2 houses having low interest mortgages with Indigenous Business Australia (IBA). In addition the Department of Housing are project managing the construction of 6 houses, which are due to be completed in July 2017. By July 2017 the Land Trust will have 13 fully constructed houses and no vacant lots.

The Land Trust also holds the title to the Waardi office for 11 Coghlan Street. The office was purchased in early 2015 and means we no longer need to pay rent. We have arranged a low interest mortgage through IBA.

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