Literacy Acquisition for Pre-Primary Students (LAPS)

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The LAPS program emerged to meet an identified need in early years literacy education in the Kimberley. LAPS was developed by the Broome-based Aboriginal organisation Waardi Limited in consultation with schools. Tailored to suit the unique needs of schools in the Kimberley, the program continues to evolve based on emerging research on best practice literacy teaching.

LAPS was initiated as a pilot program in 2014. A trial of the program began in 2015 and continued into 2016 and 2017. LAPS partnered with Monash University to examine and report on the effectiveness of the program.


LAPS builds the capacity of teachers and educational staff through the transfer of high quality professional learning into excellent classroom practice.

This is achieved through an intensive coaching model.

Page Last Updated on 18/10/2023