Waardi Logo

The Waardi logo features Jiribuug, the echidna, and Jalinymarr, the pelican’s feather, in its design as well as the outline of the cliffs and the saltwater high tide mark.

The echidna is a very important animal to Aboriginal people in this region. It moves from season to season, from saltwater to freshwater environments bringing another form of food for people living on the coast. People from the inland regions collected the eggs and the half grown chicks for food during times of plenty.

People on the Dampier Peninsula are connected spiritually to the pelican so they do not eat it but are responsible for its protection.

Mary Tarran explains:

“The word Waardi in the Jabirr Jabirr language means ‘north’. The term ‘Waardiabul’ refers to a person or people who original from the north – or ‘northerner’.

The logo is colourfully striking and new to the corporate scene. It depicts our country’s coastal landscape and its fauna.

The team have enjoyed the experience of consulting with Elders on the design. We are fortunate to have their approval and they are part of the Waardi legacy.

I also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Jalaru for his creation and artwork for the Waardi logo.”

Waardi Logo

The feather of the pelican is designed to look like a pen to symbolize the corporate workplace. It also represents Waardi’s journey, flying high in its aspirations to bring resources and opportunities to Aboriginal people living on the Dampier Peninsula.

Both these animals are symbolic of Waardi’s administrative role as a protector and provider of resources for Waardi members and their families.

The logo was designed by Michael ‘Jalaru’ Torres, a member of the GJJ community: “The design process was rewarding and I hope it stands the test of time as a strong and recognisable logo for future generations to come.”

Mary Tarran

Page Last Updated on 18/04/2022