Cultural, Social and Economic Prosperity for Members

Waardi Limited (Waardi), a not for profit entity has been established as the ratified Administrative Body under the Browse LNG Precinct Project Agreement (Agreement) to work towards the social and economic benefit of Goolarabooloo Jabirr Jabirr (GJJ) people.
Waardi’s Mission: Improving and providing opportunities and support for our Members.
Waardi has set up Guumbarr Limited (Guumbarr) as the ratified Administrative Trustee company to look after the financial benefits of the Agreement.
In addition Waardi has a 50% shareholding of Morrgul Pty Ltd (Morrgul), which is the Business Development Organisation of the Agreement.
With limited operational funding opportunities and in preparation of a possible Native Title Determination (expected towards the end of 2017), Waardi faces a number of challenges in 2017.
More information about Morrgul can be found on their website.

Page Last Updated on 30/04/2022