Waardi’s mission is: “Cultural, Social and Economic Prosperity for Members”

Waardi logo

Waardi is the not-for-profit entity authorised in 2019 to become the Administrative body for the Gogolanyngor Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) Registered Native title Body Corporate (GAC)

Waardi is working towards being the administrative arm of GAC and will drive cultural, social and economic prosperity of the Jabirr Jabirr/Ngumbarl people of the middle Dampier Peninsula on behalf of the Native Title Holders.

Waardi works to establish strong representation and relationships that enhance the interests of our Members. This is done through our Guumbarr entity Trusts and through Waardi’s joint venture with KPP in establishing Morrgul, a business development organisation.

With guidance from the PBC we will create opportunities that allow our members thrive with connection to country, culture and heritage.

About Us

Waardi was established in February 2012 as part of the Agreement for James Price Point under the Browse LNG Precinct Project Agreement. More information on the Agreement can be found here.

Prior to the establishment of Waardi, the Traditional Owner Negotiating Committee (TONC) represented the Goolarabooloo and Jabirr Jabirr people in negotiations of the Agreement.

Waardi had established administrative and commercial structures to manage the benefits from the Agreement for its Members and their families. This was done through the Trustee company Guumbarr and the business development entity Morrgul.

The Constitution
Waardi is a company registered under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) as a charitable not-for-profit entity that is income tax exempt. The Waardi Constitution was amended and approved by the Members at the AGM on 26 November 2014. The amended Constitution was approved by the State as required under the Agreement.

Members can ask for a copy of the Constitution from the office.

Our People

The Waardi Steering Committee

The Waardi Steering Committee was established in 2014. Each Family Group elects a representative for a 2 year term, with half the positions becoming vacant at each AGM. Since the Native Title Determination, the committee will no longer require the Goolarabooloo representatives to be appointed to the Steering Committee.

Waardi Steering Committee: The following are currently listed as the Waardi Steering Committee, this is expected to change when the required constitutional changes are finalised.

  • Alphonse Balacky for the Bornal Family Group
  • Joanine Howard for the Appolonia Family Group
  • Karen Koster for the Nelagumia Mary “Maudie” Family Group
  • Roslyn Dixon for the Frank Dixon Family Group
  • Carla Davey (Milare Family Group)
  • Steven Torres Cairn (Keleregrado Family Group) and
  • Arnold McKenzie (Wallai William Family)

The Waardi Board
The Waardi Board is made up of 5 x Directors, consisting of 3 Community or Native Title Directors and two Independent Directors.

The current Waardi Directors are:

  • Chair – Lindsay Greatorex – Community Director
  • Tony Noonan – Independent
  • Joanine Howard – Community Director
  • Christian Zahra – Independent Director
  • Roslyn Dixon – Community Director

Our Story

To embody the character of our organisation, Waardi’s name and logo carries the story of our people and country:

Mary Tarran explains “The word Waardi in the Jabirr Jabirr language means ‘north’. The term ‘Waardiabul’ refers to a person or people who originate from the north – or ‘northerner’.”

Waardi logo explaination

The logo depicts our country’s coastal landscape and fauna. We have the approval of the Elders for the design and they are part of the Waardi legacy. The logos for Waardi, Guumbarr and Morrgul were designed by Michael ‘Jalaru’ Torres, a Broome-based Djugan and Yawuru man with tribal connections to Jabirr Jabirr and Gooniyandi people.

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